”En meteor, ovanligt stor och starkt lysande, iakttogs äfven här i Gö­teborg i söndags afton. Meteoren var synlig kl. 7,15 i omkring 45 graders vinkel på östra himlahvalfvet.

Samma fenomen var synligt i Stock­holm kl. 9 i söndags qväll.

Äfven i Norrköpingstrakten iakttogs i söndags afton ett präktigt meteorfall. Meteoren som var af ovanlig storlek rörde sig i riktningen frän sydost till nordväst och iakttogs under ett par se­kunder. I Styrestad visade sig fenome­net synnerligen storartadt. Den glödande meteoren tedde sig så stor som en bal­long och gaf upphof till ett gnistrande, vexlande färgspel.” (Ur: Göteborgs Aftonblad 14 mars 1899)

Bilden i sidhuvudet är hämtad från Wikimedia Commons, This bolide appeared over the Flinders Ranges, in the South Australian desert on the evening of the 24th April 2011. When I first noticed it, it was about as bright as the international space station (mag -4), but moving much quicker. It suddenly flared up very brightly, then started to fragment. There where about a dozen fragments in total, all of them trailing very smokey tales. By this point it was bright enough to throw shadows, and maybe just off the brightness of the full moon. All the fragments soon faded, but an ionized trail lasted in the sky for about ten seconds afterwards. The bolide itself lasted about seven seconds from the point I noticed it. We waited for a sonic boom, but there wasn’t any. I was just in the process of setting my camera up for some star scape photographs later in the night, and managed to turn my camera around and engage it quick enough to catch most of it. I missed the first 3-4 seconds because I have a two second timer on to steady the shot, but caught the majority of it, only missing a small portion well before fragmentation. Unfortunately I was using a high ISO so it’s a bit noisy, however I feel this doesn’t matter in this instance. It wasn’t a Lyrid either because it traveled from roughly NE to W, where as Lyrids radiate from roughly north. This happened around 6:20pm Australian central standard time. I was about 10km south of a small town called Parachilna and my coordinates where -31.218,138.404